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We're on our way

Michael Eldred

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Last modified 08 February 2017
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    A philosophical rock song dedicated to R. and A. and our happy meeting at Eros, Liebe, Sexus in Hamburg, September 1990

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    0. Lyrics to song

    They're all surging forward, while I'm going back,
    Their straight-jackets neatly ironed, while mine has gained some slack.
    Don't climb over, stay right where you are,
    Prior not meta, should be your guiding star.

    Ref. A):
    We're on our way, are you coming? 
    Fetters slipping, swiftly running, 
    Gloom is lifting, Earth is shifting, 
    No abiding, vision slowly wid'ning. 

    A wire 'cross the river, invites the birds to sit, 
    Singing arias, until the daylight quits. 
    Zig-zagging lightning gizzards rapes and rips, 
    Sacrificial sparrows plummet, losing their grip. 


    Peaceful Charlie has sent a messenger, 
    Oh, how it solaces to have someone to share. 
    Starlove's calling, protecting what we own, 
    Plumes from Magna Graecia feather our skyhome. 

    Ref. B)

    We're on our way now, are you coming? 
    Fetters slipping, swiftly running, 
    Gloom is lifting, Earth is shifting, 
    Out of hiding, vision slowly wid'ning, slowly wid'ning, slowly wid'ning. 

    1. MP3 audio file 

    We're on our way  MP3 audio file.
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