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Descartes' Rules

Michael Eldred

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Last modified 07 January 2017
Version 1.0 07-Jan-2017
First put on site 07 January 2017
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    A philosophical rock song inspired by Descartes' Regulae ad directionem ingenii  

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    Y'tell me your're a scientist,  
    Working on a new theory.
    There's another dimension,
    Hidden between the concavities. 
    The maths are complicated, 
    Coz it's bent geometry. 
    Twisted by a tensor, 
    That flattens out locally. 

    Ref. A):
    So René cast you in his play. 
    Did you have a say?  
    Have you read the script? 
    It's Latin, but you're in its grip. 

    Still a lot to do, 
    I'm told, on quantum gravity, 
    But there's something cookin' 
    With loops and covariancy. 
    Forget about the background 
    Of space-time, it gets in the way. 
    The field and 4-dimensional 
    Curvature are one and the same. 

    Ref. B):
    So René cast you in his play. 
    Did you have a say?  
    You're in thrall to Descartes' rules, 
    Deceiving yourself you're nobody's fool. 


    Ref. B):

    Shifting to the neurons, 
    Consciousness is under attack. 
    You're looking for the patterns 
    In the brain, René said to do that. 
    Did you ever ask yourself, 
    Your very self, like Winnie the Pooh, 
    If who is what, 
    Or a what is a who? 

    Ref. C)

    So René cast you in his play. 
    Did you have a say?  
    Have you seen the script? 
    It's Latin, and you're in its grip. 

    You're Descartes' fool. 

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    Descartes' Rules  MP3 audio file.
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