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Siftin' through your dreams

Michael Eldred

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Last modified 30 March 2017
Version 1.0 30-Mar-2017
First put on site 30 March 2017
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    Have you been siftin' through your dreams?
    I ain't gonna make a scene.
    Don't even wanna let off steam.
    I have nothing to redeem, to redeem, to redeem.

    Why have you been acting so vile? 
    I've been watching you for a while. 
    Everything has gone into your file. 
    Soon you're gonna face trial, face trial, face trial. 
    'Scuse my style, my style. 

    When are you gonna face the facts? 
    I ain't pursuing you with an axe. 
    Your thoughts are made out of wax 
    Melt when they're under attack, under attack, under attack. 

    Watch your back, your back 

    Am I being to you unkind? 
    Just tryin' to rearrange your mind. 
    Ain't creeping up from behind. 
    I'm layin' it on the line, on the line, on the line. 


    For centuries you're thinkin' so confused. 
    Easily taken in by the ruse. 
    Willy's* offer too good to refuse? 
    Time that you dialled up your muse, your muse, your muse. 

    Siftin' through your dreams, your dreams. 
    You're thinkin' so confused. 
    Dial up your muse. 

    * Willy P. is a shadowy figure in The Land of Matta 

    1. MP3 audio file 

    Siftin' through your dreams  MP3 audio file.
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